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Second: Cherry Blossom Mug #5 (12 oz)

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Second: Not quite round rim. See last image for top view.

Hand painted cherry blossom mug.


~ Measures: 3 1/4 inches tall and 3 3/4 inches wide at the rim
~ Capacity: 12 oz apx.
~ Straight rim
~ Matte Red glaze inside
~ Food, dishwasher, and microwave safe


My process:

I make this mug on the potters wheel and once the rim is dry enough to support itself, I turn it over and trim the bottom. Then while it is still very wet, I modify it with a few selectively placed dings and scrapes before applying slip to newsprint paper that is transferred on to the pot. This allows me to layer the slip and to acquire a stucco appearance, much like on an old building. Then, I paint my cherry blossom motif on the outside. After it comes out of the first firing, I apply a black underglaze wash for an antiquing appearance to the outside of the pot and a matte red glaze to the inside. Then the pot goes back in the kiln for its second and final firing.  After it comes out of the glaze kiln, the outside of the pot is then wet sanded for a super smooth finish.