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Anne Egitto

Anne Egitto moved to Lawrence, Kansas in 2008 to work on her doctorate degree in anthropology. She began selling her pottery in 2009 and received professional encouragement by being accepted into the 2012 Orton International Cone Box Show. She completed her doctorate degree in anthropology from the University of Kansas in 2014.


My Journey

I began taking classes at the Lawrence Arts Center in 2008. I was introduced to stoneware and the Korean technique of mishima (stamping and/or carving, then filling in with color and removing excess color to reveal a pattern). Because my pots were thin, the artist in residence at the time, encouraged me to try porcelain. I immediately fell in love with the silky clay and began using my pots as a canvas. I am currently hand painting six different motifs and experimenting with wax resist decorations. I have returned to mishima techniques on my porcelain and am again using stoneware.