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Geometric Yunomi in Blue #2

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Handmade geometric pattern yunomi/tumbler in blue.


~ Measures: apx. 3 3/4 inches tall and 3 inches wide at the rim
~ Capacity: holds 10 oz
~ Wavy rim
~ Clear glaze on the outside
~ Smooth raw clay on the outside
~ Food, dishwasher, and microwave safe
~ Red stoneware clay

My process:

I use the potter's wheel to create this cup. I generally make the cup and trim the bottom foot as soon as the rim is stable and the cup can be turned upside down. I use a geometric pattern that I have drawn by hand, then digitized, then cut out on card stock stencil. I apply the stencil then apply colored slips in the pattern. The pattern is removed, incomplete shapes of the pattern are removed with a carving tool.

When the cup is dry, a blue slip is applied to the inside then it is fired. After being fired, the cup is wet sanded for a smooth finish, a black wash is applied to the outside and then wiped off so only bits of the black accent are left to accentuate the crevices of the pattern and the trimming lines. The inside of the mug is then glazed with clear glaze and then it is fired a second time. After the second firing, the outside of the cup once again is wet sanded for a super smooth finish.