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Blue Plumflower Spoon Rest / Tea Bag Dish / Spice Dish

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Hand painted blue flower buds little dish.

I use these dishes for setting my coffee spoon on and also use them when I am making a complicated recipe that calls for several spices added at different times in the cooking process (especially when I'm making something like vindaloo).

Also great to set a tea bag on.

(Sold individually)

** multiple dishes are available, each one may vary just a little bit due to the handmade process.


~ Measures: 3 inches round
~ Clear glaze
~ Food, dishwasher, and microwave safe


My process:

I make these dipping bowls using a cookie cutter and a slab of clay. The bowl shape is created by pressing the clay into foam using a slight bowl form. After the bowls have been cleaned up and had some time to dry, I paint blue plumflowers and buds on the inside of the bowl. 

Bottom side of the bowl is sanded smooth. Fired in an electric oxidation kiln.